Production of exposure masks
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Production of exposure masks

Laser multi-channel ЭМ-5189-02 image generator (IG) is used to form a topological structure on semiconductor wafers and exposure mask’s blanks. The device refers to the 5-th technology generation – technological level of 350 nm.
IG gives the opportunity to manufacture products with the help of the photolithography technology using photoresists. The area of maximum sensitivity of photoresists is near-ultraviolet region. The figure is formed by focused laser radiation with a wavelength of 355 nm.
GI forms the image on the blanks with the following requirements:
- Polished substrates size 76 mm, 100 mm;
Glass substrates for metallic exposure masks made of low and very low ratio of thermal expansion material size 27 mm (5"), 152 mm (6") 178 mm(7"), 215 (8") and thickness of 2.2 mm to 6.4 mm. OJSC “MINSK RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF RADIOMATERIALS”

Exposure masks’ characteristics: 
Minimum element size 2 mic;
Element’s edge roughness - not more than 0.3 mic; 
Element’s corner rounding – not more than 0.5 mic;
Streaks junction inaccuracy – not more than ±40 nm; 
Coincidence inaccuracy – not more than ±70nm; 
Exposure masks’ types:
- With ferrioxide obscuring cover - photoresist Microposit S1813 with a film thickness of 0.5 mic is applied. 
- With chrome obscuring cover - photoresist Microposit S1805 with a film thickness of 0.5 mic is applied. 
Exposure masks’ filling of order preconditions:
- 10 exposure masks approximate production time – 10 days. 
- Topology information – ACAD format, version 2010+.


The final terms and the manufacturing cost are determined in the process of preparing an order.

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