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1. Research, constructions and technologies design, manufacturing of:

· microwave monolithic integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, etc. with

0.18-micron design rules on the basis of A3B5 (frequency range up to 18 GHz);

· optoelectronic semiconductor elements of infra-red and visible wavelength range based A3B5 materials;

· optoelectronic, including transmitting and receiving modules

for fiber-optic;

· sensors of physical and chemical variables on the basis

of MEMS sensors;

· MEMS sensors based on silicon;

· gallium arsenide substrates standard «epi-ready»;

· medical gas mixtures;

· galvanization (Sn, Bi, Cu, Ni).

2. Service of the medical equipment.

3. Milling and turning works on NC machine tools.

4. Consultations on using sensors "Glucometer" and “Glucosen” for diabetics.

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