The manufacture of plates on ceramic and polymeric wafers
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The manufacture of plates on ceramic and polymeric wafers

The manufacture of plates is carried out on ceramic materials such as 22XC, aluminum nitride, polycrystalline corund, Green Tape, LTCC.

To obtain the resistive layers nichrome films with a nominal resistance of 5-100 Ohms/ and RS 3710 with resistance of 100-1000 Ohm are used.

Conductive layer may be made of copper and/or gold.

If it’s necessary, a special bores of any configuration can be formed on plates by means of laser cutting facility.

The work is carried out according to the customer's requirements or design documentation.


The thickness of the plate is up to 1 mm

The minimum size of the elements is 50 mic

The maximum thickness of the metallization is 12 mic

The accuracy of fitting the resistors is +/-5 %.

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