High-precision tilt sensor (prototype)
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High-precision tilt sensor (prototype)

High-precision tilt sensor (prototype)

High-precision tilt sensor is used to convert angles along one axis in formatted electrical signals in guidance, orientation, leveling and stabilization of objects in space systems.


Parameter name                                                                        Standard

The number of axes of sensitivity                                                       1

The measuring range of the tilt angle, deg                                        ±20

Resolving ability                                                                              15 seconds

Operating temperature range                                                           - 40...+ 70°C

Zero signal instability                                                                      0, 01 %

Pass band                                                                                         not more than 10 Hz

Power consumption                                                                         not more than 2 W

Overall size                                                                                     not more  than 55х50х20 mm

Weight not more than                                                                      200 g

The output signal type                                                                     digital RS 485

High-precision tilt sensor includes a single-axis MEMS silicon sensor element with electromagnetic feedback, temperature sensor, microprocessor unit, the interface unit. The sensor features high shock and vibration strength, dustproof and waterproof.

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