Low noise amplifier (LNA)
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Low noise amplifier (LNA)

Low noise amplifier (LNA)

Low noise amplifier is used to enhance small electric microwave signals in the input circuits of receiving devices and circuits gain heterodyne signals of the frequency synthesizer in the pressurized modules.

Application field:
Radar, radio monitoring, radio electronic devices, radio measuring equipment.

Integral design, microstrip construction, wide range frequency, low noise

Parameter name                                                                                           Standard
Frequency range, GHz,                                                                                not less than 9-10
Gain, dB.                                                                                                      Not less than 17
The noise factor in the working frequency range, dB,                                not more than 2.5
The power output level when compressing
the gain by 1 dB, dBm,                                                                                not less than 10,0

VSWR input/output,                                                                                    not more than 2.0


The amplifier is made in monolithic technology on the structures of gallium arsenide. Active amplifier element: field-effect transistor with Schottky-barrier gate length is 0, 25 mic. Earthing points are displayed on the back side of the substrate through the openings in the crystal of gallium arsenide, which can significantly reduce the parasitic inductance and obtain a wide bandwidth of microwave signal at high gain.

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